Census Transcriptions 

These transcriptions have been taken from the microfiche in the Local Studies section of Kendal Library between 2003 and 2007. In order to fit neatly in portrait format some details have been omitted or shortened. These are:
The column relating to marital status has been omitted; status can usually be inferred from relationships; widows and widowers however have been acknowledged by adding (W) in the relationship column.

  • Ages are all in one column. The sex can usually be determined from the name and/or the relationship. In one or two cases, where this is not clear, (M) or (F) has been added after the name.
  • The column relating to infirmities has been omitted; there are few entries in this column and where they occur the details have been added to the occupation column.
  • In later census lists, such things as employment status and number of rooms in a house have been omitted.
  • Folio and piece numbers are not included; the ‘word’ files give the entry number and this is easier to find on both fiche and .pdf formats.

Besides the omissions there are some additions, particularly to the 1841 census; in this the entries are not always numbered, but have been given numbers where necessary. There is no relationship column in the originals; entries have been made on the basis of those shown in subsequent censuses. Such entries are added in brackets.

Where a relationship does not appear to make sense, a suggested alteration is sometimes given in brackets. This particularly applies to ‘step’ relationships where what we would today call a step-son is sometimes shown simply as ‘son’ or ‘wife’s son’.

The original spelling is used in most cases, though this cannot be guaranteed; the combination of dictation and ‘spellcheck’ sometimes results in the modern spelling being substituted.
Within each folder are 2 files for each of the seven census years. The first file lists the census details in the order they appear in the original, property by property. The ‘Alpha’ file has the same information but sorted by surnames.
If you do find errors, please let us know.

The original census is Crown Copyright.

This transcription is © Staveley & District History Society 2007


Corn Rent listings and maps

These files contain transcriptions of all the Corn Rent listings for the four parishes of Over Staveley, Nether Staveley, Hugill and Kentmere together with the maps in ‘pdf’ format.

For each parish (township) there are two listings; the first lists the Landowners together with their principal tenants and the total acreage concerned. The second is similar, but goes into the detail field by field, giving the use to which each field is put – ‘Mea’ = meadow, ‘Pas’ = pasture, ‘Ara’ = arable; other uses are generally spelt out.

In the listings where italic script is used, this indicates a pencil amendment on the original. The originals were working documents until the first edition Ordnance Survey maps were used as identification from 1860 onwards. Some of the marginal pencil notes which appear on the facing pages have been omitted from the listings to save space.

The maps have been pieced together from photocopies of the originals, taken in the Kendal Record Office. This process has given rise to a few minor distortions where the individual sheets have been joined. The field numbers are as shown on the originals, and the names of the fields have been taken from the listings.

© Staveley & District History Society 2009